Khaliah Guillory is an Inclusion and Leadership Advocate

Be Comfortable In Your Own Skin Every day And Everywhere.

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Khaliah Guillory

Have the courage to embrace who you are

Workplaces and our communities are becoming more diverse, and many of us are reluctant to open up about what makes us unique. We pretend to be someone else because of what others may think. This affects our productivity at work, overall happiness, and daily relationships.

Khaliah can work with your executive leadership team to create a workplace where team members can overcome the fear of being rejected by society, and by doing so, to feel powerful, happier, and alive. Discover how people in your organization can embrace who they are every day and everywhere without apologizing.

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Certified Diversity Supplier


“Inspirational. Insightful. Motivating. These are three words that only begin to describe Khaliah Guillory as a Keynote Speaker. She has a true gift to move an audience into action. Her action style kept our audience at the edge of their seats. ”

Terra BohlmannForbes Coaches Council

“Khaliah brought her infectious energy and laser focus to our sales meeting of 100+ real estate professionals, instantly winning over the audience. In the sharing of her personal journey of diversity and inclusion, our associates found actionable ways to expand their personal "villages." ”

James WardDirector of Career Development, Keller Williams Metropolitan

“Khaliah is one of the best keynote speakers I have heard! She is engaging, warm, inspiring and real. She is truly passionate about diversity in the workplace and will inspire your audience to be comfortable in their skin.”

Syndy GoldCommunity Development Specialist, Microsoft

“Khaliah is absolutely a fantastic speaker! My biggest takeaway was identifying who's the connector and champion n my network. My team left with tangible ways to improve their network both personally and professionally.”

Juna Jones-MooreSr. Talent Acquisition & Diversity Manager, Gamestop
Questions for Your Organization

Are my employees really being themselves?

Give the people in your organization the opportunity to master being comfortable in their own skin.

Does my staff get into unhealthy relationships?

Strengthen relationships and build trust by helping others learn how to express themselves everywhere they go without feeling penalized.

Are the people in my organzation as effective as they can be in the community and at work?

Teach the people in your organization how to tap into their potential to unleash their greatness so they can excel in all aspects of their lives.

Do you want to be a leader who takes ownership and get things done?

Special titles are not required for people to take action. Everyone can do something to contribute to the workplace and community.

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