The Impact Of Inclusion

Understanding the impact of inclusion—giving everyone the opportunity to advance in the workplace despite their disability, age, or race—is necessary to be progressive in today’s competitive marketplace. But many people hide what makes them unique and valuable, afraid to embrace their background, religion, or sexuality. Khaliah is driven to work with your organization and can teach people actionable steps to take that will upgrade their mental conditioning so they can believe they are deserving of promotions and opportunities.

Key points

• Establish inclusion and an authentic workplace
• Gain confidence to be comfortable in your own skin
• Overcome the fear of being rejected for who you are


We All Can Be Leaders

Leaders are not only the people at the top. Everyone can be an effective leader, but they first need to be comfortable with themselves. Good leaders don’t force people to follow them—people follow good leaders because they want to. Khaliah is motivated to work with your organization to develop leaders who inspire others around them to believe in a common goal.

Key points

•Learn how to take ownership
•Produce authentic leadership throughout your organization
•Light fires in managers to become leaders who go the extra mile

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I Am You

This interactive workshop for organizations helps train members how to identify and manage unconscious biases. This workshop supports diversity to improve team members’ engagement, productivity, and employee resource/affinity group participation.

Performance Productivity

How many secrets do you try to hide on a day-to-day basis at work and at home? Being afraid to come out of the closet, mentioning your disability, or to be open about your background affects output. However, you cannot reach your full potential in your career or in your personal life pretending to be someone one else. Discover how to increase the productivity in your organization and give team members the opportunity to take their careers to the next level.

Change Management

Corporate Merger 

How do you adapt to change when going through a corporate merger? You want people to be happy when they come to work. However, new systems, new managers, and unfamiliar processes make great employees nervous about their future at the company. As a result, productivity decreases. Khaliah will illustrate how employees can excel in a new environment.

Key points

• Ignite employee engagement
• Increase employee retention rate
• Adapt to the environment of a corporate merger

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Characteristics of Workshops


Keeping the audience engaged.


Unleash the greatness that lies inside of you.


The audience will leave with a sense of purpose.

Unleashing Greatness 

Feel powerful, strong, and proud.


Building genuine human-to-human connections.


To inspire people to reveal their authentic selves.

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